Taeyoon Choi

I’m an artist and a co-founder of the School for Poetic Computation. I’m a 2017 – 2018 fellow at the Data and Society Research Institute. I also teach at NYU ITP and write letters to my students. I also have a newsletter, and you can write me: studio [at] taeyoonchoi [dot] com

CPU Dumplings Workshop at the Data and Society Research Institute, January 23, 2018

Poetic Computation: Reader, Book Talk with Shannon Matter, Molly Kleiman, HAWRAF, Printed Matter, October 13, 2017

Handmade Computer Workshop. Nov 1 at NEW INC

New Book – Poetic Computation: Reader

I organized the very first Processing Community Day at MIT Media Lab.


Friend / Enemy


Handmade Computer
Open circuit, Open city

Furniture for all occasions


Speakers Corners 


Future Proof


In Search of Personalized Time

Incomplete Text


Errantic poetry



I’m also working on the Uncertainty School to explore potential that cannot be described in a language of the world of certainty. Uncertainty School invites artists, activists and students as main participants, regardless of disability.


Signing Coders


I teach at the School for Poetic Computation(SFPC). I cofounded SFPC in 2013 to explore the intersections of code, design, hardware and theory.

Unlearning disability

Unlearning all the walls we’ve built 

Roadshow: Korea 


Urban Programming 101: Stage Directions

French Theory Today, An Introduction to Possible Futures – 2010

Roadshow: South Korea – 2013

8mm to nationwide  – 2011

How to produce micro public space – 2009


Poetic Computation: The Handmade Computers of Taeyoon Choi by Jameson Zimmer for Vagazine

Understanding the Building Blocks of Our Machine World with Art by Roddy Schrock for Hyperallergic

Code to Joy: The School for Poetic Computation Opens by Amy O’Leary

Poetic Exploration of Technology by Unmake Lab

Neriri Kiruru Harara by HG Masters for ArtAsiaPacific

Two Koreas, Two Cults, Two Internets by E. Tammy Kim for New Yorker

City of Makers by Thomas Twaites and Taeyoon Choi

Teaching and learning at SFPC by Taeyoon Choi

Diversity at SFPC by Taeyoon Choi

Digital Poetics by Taeyoon Choi

Errantic Poetry by Taeyoon Choi

Notes on the Control Society by Taeyoon Choi


Teaching as Art – Spring 2017

Poetics and Politics of Computation & Student projects– Summer & Fall 2016

Coding 0 to 1 – Summer 2016

Unlearning Disability – Spring 2016

Concepts and Theory Studio – Fall 2015

Performing Participation – Fall 2015

Making Handmade Computer – 2013~2015

To Remember and Forget: Machine and Memory – Fall 2014

Poetic Science Fair – Fall 2014

Making Lab – 2013~2015

Designing for Participation – Summer 2011

Biography and CV