Taeyoon Choi is an artist, a co-founder of School for Poetic Computation, a fellow at Data and Society and an adjunct professor at NYU ITP. In 2018, Taeyoon is working on Distributed Web of Care, a solo exhibition at Factory2 and ongoing research with a critical perspective towards technology, ethics, justice and sensitivity to the concept of personhood. Sign up for his newsletter or contact studio@taeyoonchoi.com


Poetic Computation


Soft Care 

In Search of Personalized Time

Absence is Presence with Distance

Speakers Corners 


Your friend


Urban Programming

Curriculum Vitae

Taeyoon Workshop Inc is a New York State S Corporation where Taeyoon Choi works with a team of assistants and collaborators.

Stay connected: TinyLetter, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, GitHub, Are.na, Facebook.

Exhibition, speaking and teaching engagement: studio@taeyoonchoi.com

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