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Dotplay Telecom

Dotplay is

1. Dotlay is a network of local and international media artist, engineer, cultural researcher, and participants.

1. Dotplay maintains critical perspective on media technology, and deliver creative alternative to the mobile culture

1. Doplay explores and challenges various forms of happenings, participatory workshop, opensource manual, exhibition, performance, online publication.

1. Dotplay prefers process oriented creation, other than final outcome.

1. Dotplay welcomes sponsorship and collaboration with art institutions and corporations.

Dotplay is not

1. Dotplay is not a research center on media technology, nor mobile contents design firm

1. Dotplay does not work for art institutions or corporation

1. Dotplay deliberately displaces utopic fantasy based on technology

1. Dotplay disagrees with media art which just uses technology or imitates other art.

Dotplay is a network of media artist, technologist, cultural researcher.

Dotplay Telecom is a virtual (fictional) mobile telecommunication corporate made of Yangachi, Jakyung Shim,Miyoun Kim, Soni Park, Saye Min, Hyeri Rhee, and Taeyoon Choi that provides real services. Dotplay Workshop provides access to hack mobile phones, physically, and conceptually to intervene into mobile device, environment in a physical, social, cultural, political manner. inorder to creatively reintervention of mobile.

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