Sell your morning walk

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“Imagine selling your morning walk on an online market. Foreign visitors may take advantage of accumulate knowledge and memory about the city to explore real life of living in Seoul is like”

Sell your morning walk is a multi layered project, ranging from research to performance experimentation. Mediated reality is taken for granted in this project, Cell phones and GPS are not a subject of new found interest. It is an existing element
of environment in our daily lives.

This project is based on a futuristic imagination, when every place is mapped and everything and everyone is tagged. Then, non material act such as morning walk can be exchanged with a market value. Thus the web site is a place to buy or sell information about the walks. (Website now defunct)

The morning walk tour guide is a performance interpretation of the project. The artist himself is taking audience around his own neighborhood, telling them his personal memories related to the site. In return, the participants give virtual price of the walk.



Psychogeographic drawing is one of the methods to collect data from many participants. It is an easy and honest way to have people start talking about the experience of space and place in the city.


This is an ongoing research in how we perceive the city and personal space. People adapt to the changing world and new technologies build new expectations. This project is Seoul as I experienced in 2005. The project was invited to Oklahoma City in 2007, and the we did a walking tour of the Oklahoma Bombing Site.