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October news

Hi there!
It has been a while I updated the website. I’m living through some serious apartment-searching, landlord, and lease nightmare and staying in East Village for another year.

Well… Bunch of updates from this summer and fall!

I’m part of a very interesting group show Mass Distraction & Cultural Decay curated by LaToya Ruby Frazier at Rutgers University gallery. More info I’m showing a video work made this year about twitter and revolution. Check out the press release.
Mason Gross Galleries Mass Distractions and Cultural Decay 2011

I’ve updated bunch of things from the summer.
1. I taught teenagers in Digital Daycamp from July, More here.

2. Organized a performance/class about Crowd with Red Channels, More here.

3. Invited a friend to teach about civil disobedience, More here.

4. Made bunch of videos with wonderful interns: Beyza, Stephanie, Claire and Ruariadh.
One of them is this video from Dumbo few years ago, that we finally edited down.

5. Roadshow: South Korea with Eyebeam and Total Museum was most of my August. More here.
And a presentation at the Creators Project Seoul Event, called ‘Art of Tourism, More here.

Now, I’m preparing for a SOLO SHOW in Denmark this December! Curated by Annette of Net Filmmakers It’s a second solo show since five years ago and first outside of Korea. I’m very excited!

So, keep in touch my friends…

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