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Studying Urbanism at Occupy Wall street

Inspired by conversations in and around Occupy Wall Street, I’d like to read some text about urbanism and talk about the with TPSNY and others at Occupy Wall Street. The premise (or the question) is that Capitalism is inherently associated with Urbanism, that the way cities are built and the way suburbs are created and the way natural resources are industrialized for urban spaces: the process is a material manifestation of how the Capitalism works. The goal is to understand the workings of urban spaces especially at the times of civil resistance and to intervene in the space created by Occupy Wall Street for an opportunity to imagine carry out creative spatial practice.

Reading list: These are only a few possibilities.
David Harvey: “City and justice: social movement in the city” page 188 (Spaces of Capital: Toward a critical geography )
Edward Soja: “On the Production of Unjust Geographies” page 31 (Seeking Spatial Justice)
Henri Lefebvre: “The Production of Space

I have other readings on PDF, please email me at taeyoon at eyebeam dot org . I’ll share them with you. Open to suggestion, readings, thoughts. More at the class page  at The Public School New York.

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