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My friends, there is no friend

Announcement: On November 17th 2pm~4pm, 2011, I will be at the Union Square and march For or Against friends and enemies. That day, a large protest/rally is planned from Union Square to Zuccotti Park as part of Occupy movement. I will bring two pickets that look like the drawings, one side will have ‘My friends’ and another side will have ‘My enemies’ and another picket will have ‘there is no friend’ and another side of that picket will have ‘there is no enemy’. My friends and my enemies, please join this march to question the conditions of democracy and politics of friendship! Our action will be photographed by Jongchul Lee and our conversation will be made into audio recording. The documentations will be edited for my exhibition in Denmark, called “My friends, there is no friend.”  If you don’t live in NYC, you can call me to have this conversation. If you want to meet me, please email taeyoon at eyebeam dot org to schedule a time between 2~4pm. Thank you.

Background photo by David Horvitz

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Photography by Jongchul Lee.

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