Fair Exchange (Exhibition)


This exhibition was realized. More info
An exhibition proposal for Eyebeam Book Store
with works Kyle McDonald, David Horvitz and Taeyoon Choi

“Fair Exchange” presents work by artists who hack the system of knowledge production through participatory instructions and counter surveillance technology. Taeyoon Choi would like to curate exhibition and a (book launch) event with Kyle McDonald and David Horvitz. The exhibition will use Eyebeam window gallery and bookstore wall for duration of two weeks in end of Febuary and Beginning of March. (now, possibly 3.22~4.5) The exhibition will investigate questions of “How much can we share? and How much can we ask from audience?” McDonald works with custom made software that is on the borderline of spyware and surveillance tool, most notably installed at all Apple store in NYC. Horvitz creates simple instructions which often become meme and rumors online at sites like Wikipedia. Choi will create the physical structures for the exhibition, billboard and signs that are inspired by Occupy Wall Street. After the exhibition, structures will be donated to protesters in occupy movement. The event will be advertised through Eyebeam’s media channel as well as Rhizome and other platforms that the artists are familiar with. The opening event will attract approximately 50 people and edition works by the artists (books, CD, etc) will be available for sale through the bookstore.