My friends, there is no friend



The exhibition “My friends, there is no friend” consists of performance, sculptures, prints and audio visual materials that are loosely based on questions about fraternity and alliance, community and democracy in relation to the Capitalism. The works include IFriend (Instant Friend: a DIY Kit of a friend, includes face, hand and feet made of laser cut acrylics, wood and electronics and arduino microcontrollers), IDog (A dog with many legs, made of mirrored acrylics and projects a beam of laser, which is reflected by a disco ball spinning on a screw driver, another kind made of a megaphone and IKEA furniture parts), and many digital prints of drawings and photographs that are hung on wooden panel I made with found material around the gallery.


Smaller details include a christmas light I bought in Copenhagen which is bundled up, straight out of the package and plugged onto the power outlet. There is also two Ikea furniture, one of them is a LACK with RILL wheels on it’s top surface. The other desk has an old CRT monitor on it with a mini-mac that is connected to the internet showing the project website The last element that was installed after the opening performance is video projection of presentation made for the opening performance. It is made with Keynote software that comes with an apple product. The sound track is a field recording from Occupy Wall Street movement in November 17th when I was crossing the Brooklyn Bridge with a group of friends. The urban noise and a sense of excitement about collectivity, resistance and production of alternative is captured in the sound.



The opening performance activated all sculpture and print elements via a psuedo- Steve Jobs wannabe sales person trying to sell his new projects to the company’s employee. Audience members were asked to participate by assigning simple tasks and responsibility, while the performer continued with the main narrative.


Exhibition and performance in Spanien 19C Aarhus, Dk


The performance was about 24 minutes. Exhibition presented by Netfilmmakers and Spanien 19C in Denmark. The projects are realized with support from Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, NYC.

The performance video is unedited footage by Netfilmmakers. Compression and conversion has created visual noise in higher quality viewing setting.