On the May Day General Strike

On the May Day General Strike
Time: 3.30.2012. 6~8pm
Presented by: “Death to Capitalism Cinema“, “Speakers’ Corners“, “The Public School New York”, “Strike Everywhere

Location: “Speakers’ Corners”, Eyebeam Art and Technology Center
Discussion moderated by Matt Paterson and Taeyoon Choi.
Special guests to be announced.

An evening of screening and open discussion about General Strike. We invite artists, activists, filmmakers and anyone to share thoughts about recent events related to the Occupy movement and spatial tactics of civil disobedience. The event aims to further understand potential and consequences of General Strike planned for May 1st in New York City.

–‘Frisco in Grip of Strike! – Pathe News, 1934, 2 minutes
–‘Frisco Strike Riots! – Pathe News, 1934, 1 minute
–Circling the Square – zanmanfu, 2011, 4 minutes
–Riot Granny – protigrammi, 2011, 1 minute
–Crisis in Greece – Brandon Jourdan, 2011, 6 minutes
–For the Oakland Commune – CrimetheInc, 2011, 15 minutes
–Class War – Anonymous, 2012, 1 minute
–General Strike – Anyonmous, 2012, 1 minute
–GNRL *STRKE* – Sunita Prasad, 2012, 1 minute
–General Strike Banner at Brooklyn Bridge – Anonymous, 2012, 1 minuteTOTAL RUNNING TIME: 33 minutes | Digital Projection*Reference readings from Occupy University on “Studying May Day – Recommended Readings”