Life.Drawing. Night

In the last day of Fair Exchange Show, featuring Kyle McDonald and David Horvitz at Eyebeam, David invited friends and friends on twitter to go draw some cops. As part of the exhibit, we were hoping to pay a cop to pose for us (NYPD Paid Detail Unit), but couldn’t find one to do it, so we decided very last minute to go out drawing cops.

Drawing cops flirting, or we are flirting with cops by drawing them.

Attention is the best medium for drawing, paying attention to the subjects, while not confronting or objectifying.

One of us said it feels like being Degas, paying attention to light and shadows. One of us said it feels like Rembrand’t Night Watch.

Another one of us said it feels like Hopper. Someone said ‘Wouldn’t it be what Hopper would be doing?”

We went into the Burger King to warm up, and there was a crazy incident that an employee was yelling at a customer for looking down on her. “You don’t know how much education I had! Because I work in a minimum wage job, doesn’t mean I’m stupid!”

Waiting for the Night.

Talking to the Night.

There was a small occupation happening near the Stock Exchange. We had amusing exchange of gaze between protesters and the police, or were they Park Security?

One of my drawing.

David took some pictures of the drawings.