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Noise collector


I will be making new project for Codes of Contingency show at 319 Scholes in mid June. look out Bushwick!

Noise Collector is inspired by the Noise Abatement Commission, which was formed by the Commissioner of Health for the City of New York in October of 1929. A group of sound expert travelled in a truck, equipped with noise measuring devices, and recorded noise level of the street. Absurd scientific inventions and legislations were created in response to rapid urbanization and industrial noise. An urban environment is often deluged with two types of noise: sonic and physical trash. Choi found interest in the poetics of noise as an excess of production and to learn from the trash collectors praxis of collecting, organizing and reusing unwanted objects. He will create mobile units that plug into a busy privately owned public spaces and generate simple noise meanwhile recording the soundscape of the surrounding spaces. The collected noise will be available for replay and reuse.

Workshop and performance:

During the opening, Choi will stage a 20 minutes long lecture-performance explaining the process of Noise Collector, activating each parts of the mechanism, and revealing more politically charged aspect of the project in light of Occupy Wall Street movement and social movement around the world between 2011 and 2012.

Workshop will be hands on experience for participants to use the Noise Collectors and walk around the Bushwick area to engage with local spaces and noise.


First show at UK

The spot in Bushwick

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