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Frequently Asked Question with NNB

Frequently Asked Question


Q: Is New Normal Business a gallery?

A: We are a partly fictional and partly functional gallery / publisher. My name is Taeyoon Choi  and I make art projects, organize classes and exhibitions.


Q: Is it just you or a collective? Why do you say ‘We’ when you talk about NNB?

A: The projects by NNB is often times realized by myself and the participating artists and friends. We don’t claim to be a collective because we don’t believe in collectivity as a fixed identity. We are free flowing individuals who find interest in making projects together.


Q: How did this project get started?

A: I never really worked with a commercial gallery. I always wanted to work with one, but my work was not considered marketable. I like working with non for profit galleries and festivals, but it is rare they pay more than travel and lodging. I’ve done commissions and grants but those come so rare and it is a weird competition economy in itself. I’ve talked with artists friends who were working with commercial gallery and how they hated it. I decided I should make my own, the ideal gallery that pays fair amount to the artists and publish critical text.


Q: Have you been successful so far?

A: It is hard to say. We have done few shows that were interesting, but we have not found a way to pay artists yet. In fear of becoming another non for profit that doesn’t pay artists, we have been aggressively searching for ways to make money. We are starting publication series ‘On Demand’ which will hopefully become an income generating revenue. We are also experimenting with ‘The Practical School’: an economic model for artists to teach and get paid without institution, and other auction programs.


Q: In the art history, Institutional critique and alternative spaces have become either perished or became an institution in itself. Is it your goal to become a real gallery or for-profit art spaces?

A: No. We would not want to become a real gallery, in a sense we won’t sell expensive works to private collectors. We will continue to develop functional economic system in which artists can be supported for their work and collectors and audience can enjoy contributing to artist’s career.


Q: Is there any examples of successful projects that you consider as a role model?

A: Machine Projects in L.A have been doing amazing work. Recess in Soho, NYC is a very caring environment for artists. 155 Freeman which is shared by Triple Canopy, Light Industry and The Public School is a great venue for arts and culture in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


Q: Do you take unsolicited submission from artists?

A: Yes. Please send us anything to

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