How to pack my exhibition

An instruction for de-instillation for the lovely Gallery crew at Bennington College.

If you are short of material, please get bubble wraps and cardboard boxes. Important thing is to distinguish between heavy and touch stuff which don’t need protection and fragile items. Place them separately so they don’t sit on top of each other in the van. Prints will need to be rolled, cover the roll with a brown paper and masking tape. Put them in the van last, to a safe spot that heavy stuff won’t crush them. The driver might not be conscious about fragile stuffs and heavy stuff, so please take consideration not to break anything during the move. Thank you so much! Click on the pictures to see larger image. Don’t hesitate to call me with questions! love you all!

1. Jon Cohrs

Three Salt Bottles: There is a small cardboard box that the salt bottles fit. It has stamp mark from Korea. Inside of the boxes will be some bubble wraps. Please wrap the bottles before putting them in the box. Please back the box and put it in a Fragile Box. Keep the DVDs in a jewel case.
Posters: Please roll them into one roll. Pack in brown paper. and put it in the Paper Roll Box.
2. Mary Mattingly
Aqua 2000: this sculpture can become dissembled. Follow instructions on the attached photograph.
Take bicycle apart from the sculpture. Wrap the whole bicycle in protective cloth, which are stored in the back room.
Take apart the top part of sculpture. Unscrew the pieces and pack the top part.
Wrap the main rectangular piece in protective cloth.
Especially be careful of the wheels. Please wrap them in the protection cloth (in the back room). and apply clear tapes around it.
When placing the projects in the truck, make sure the sculptures are well rested against a wall in the truck. They are relatively heavy, thus other fragile items such as frames will need to be protected.
Other various sculptures: inflated parts need to be deflated. The cement parts and other mechanical parts came together in a box. There is no need to bubble wrap tough objects like a cement ball or cables, but other fragile items will need to be wrapped.
Frames: all frames and prints on panel will need to be wrapped with bubble wrap. If you are short of material, please purchase some in hardware store. We can reimburse for any necessary material for shipping. Please be careful of the frames., they are costly!
3. Taeyoon Choi.
Large prints 42 inches wide all rolled up into one big roll. There is a cardboard tube in the back room, please put them in there. Also drawings on transparent acetates need to be in the tube. As well as drawings on paper. If you plan carefully, all of them can go in the tube” longer, larger prints in the outer roll, smaller roll inside of them.

The installation: Deinstall dodecagon stage. Unscrew everything. Short pieces go into a grey plastic box in the back room. tape long pieces into two or three bunch of 8 feet wood so they don’t move around. Put panel pieces on top of the grey box and tape it. it will keep the short pieces from falling out.
Tall billboard: two person will be necessary to lean it down to the ground. be careful of the lighting fixtures. you can avoid hitting them by finding a right spot to lean. Unscrew all pieces except the support structure for them to stand: otherwise known as the legs of billboard. They can travel as they are, it wont take much space.
Put paintings inside of the foam/plastic and put all of them in the wooden crate.
Keep the slides and one slide projector that has Material for the Arts Sticker. Keep all the wheels for me and put in a small plastic box.
It’s easy to distinguish between common laser print material and fancy inkjet prints that costed us to make. Please put nice ones among nice ones. There is a flat box for prints.