This week in progress

This morning Lower East Side, Tiny Giant Coffee shop. I met with my friend Stephanie who works at the Kickstarter and talked about institutional support for art and culture, alternative and gift economy, art institutions and education bound to its own history, new structure of economic supports cracked open by the shortcomings of Neoliberalism.

I will be attending this class at New School as a guest critique:
New Venue: Parsons Lobby on 5th Ave and 13th Street
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 8th from 3pm – 7pm

This is a biography I wrote for the handouts, obviously inspired by the Dark Nights reading series, which you can hear here

TaeyoonChoi1982 is a humanoid robot made in a shabby condo building near Silicon Valley. TaeyoonChoi1982 is capable of performing human interaction, daily chores including washing dishes, writing emails, and laundry. TaeyoonChoi1982 runs on solar energy in mix with chocolate, beer and occasional meat. Technologies that made TaeyoonChoi1982 have gone obsolete and it is now in search of de-engineering to become ‘nothingness.’ The quest has proven to be not about engineering nor ethics, but that of pure self abandonment. TaeyoonChoi1982 dreams of becoming a non-human non-robot being.

Last weekend, The public school new york had its very charming brunch/ open class on democracies. More notes on that to follow.

Last weekend, I had a fun evening to drink with friends at our project space 189 Franklin street and had an interesting discussion with my friend Erin about New Aesthetics. She works as a professional photo retoucher, and her take on the discussion around New Aesthetics was insightful.  This Thursday, my friend James George is curating an interesting exhibition in reaction to discussions around New Aesthetics. Some of my favorite programming artists will show their work.


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