Dear friends

I would like read some books. I have some money that should be coming soon, but don’t have much right now. I filled up amazon cart to $1000 with some books I wish to read this fall/winter.

I’ve tried for years but it’s really hard for me to read from pdf or library books, because I make notes on the book. In the gap between the pages, my brain works best, writing commentary, translation and notes.

┬áMaking notes on library book loaned with friend’s school id. (2009)

If you buy me/ loan me any of these books, I will write your name in the first page. I will read it, use it, and when I’m done, I will send it back to you. It may take few weeks or years, but I promise I will send it back to you, with personal thank you note and possibly some notes for the text. Therefore, I’m borrowing a new book from you, before you get it, and make it better (with notes) for you!

Feel free to contact me at following address. Please contact me asap, before I buy some of these books!

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