I am an artist, writer, hacker, teacher and whatever singularity*”Agamben’s conception of “whatever singularity” indicates a form of being that rejects any manifestation of identity or belonging and wholly appropriates being to itself, that is, in its own “being-in-language.” Quoted from here

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최태윤 이력서

Born in 1982, San Mateo, CA.
Based in New York City and Seoul, South Korea


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. B.F.A 2004
Department of Performance and New media

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. M.S. 2007
Department of Culture Technology

Residency and grants 

Fellowship, Eyebeam Art and Technology Center 2011~2012
Residency, Eyebeam Art and Technology Center 2008
Residency, Art Center Nabi, Seoul, South Korea 2006
Grant, The Arts Council of Korea. 2007, 2009, 2011
College Art Award, Chicago Cultural Center 2003

Solo exhibition

Speakers Corners, Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, New York, USA 2012
My friends, there is no friend. Spanien 13c, Aarhus, Denmark 2011
When Technology Fails, Reality Prevails. Art Space Hue, Seoul, South Korea 2007

Selected exhibition  

Anti-Manifesto Shanghai Biennale, Daejon pavilion, Shanghai, China 2012
Codes of Contingency, 319 Scholes, New York, USA 2012
Teleport, Centre des Arts, Enghien les Bains, Paris, France 2010
From point A to point B, University of Georgia, Athens, USA 2009
Liars Picnic, Conflux City Festival, New York, USA 2009
Coffee with Sugar, Akbank Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 2008
DISLOCATE; Art, Technology and Locality, ZAIM, Yokohama, Yokohama,

Japan, 2007

Teaching and workshop

The Public School New York, New York USA 2010~current
Dorkbot, Location One, New York, USA 2012
ARTALK, Culture Hub, New York, USA 2012
NAND to XOR, City College of New York, New York, USA, 2012
Art of Tourism, The Creators Project, Seoul, South Korea 2011
Digital Day Camp, Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, New York, USA 2011
Introduction to Sound Art, The Public School New York, USA 2011
Interactivos? Medialab Prado, Madrid, Spain 2010
Drawing +-, Parsons New School for Design, New York, USA 2009
OFLAB, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria 2008
Interactivos? Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, New York, USA 2008
Urban Programming 101, Upgrade! International, Skopje, Macedonia 2008

Guest Lecture

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey 2013
City College of New York, New York 2013
New York University, New York 2009

Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey 2008
Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea 2007


GaOk, Residency for Cultural Producers, Seoul, South Korea 2008~ current
Practical painting, New Normal Business, New York, USA 2011
Resistance and Resilience, Jon Cohrs, Marry Mattingly and Taeyoon Choi, Usdan Gallery, Bennington College, Vermont, USA 2011
Fair Exchange, David Horvitz and Kyle McDonald, Eyebeam Bookstore, New York, USA 2011


Invisible Cities, Moleskine Special edition, 2012

Roadshow South Korea, New Normal Business, Total Museum of Art, 2012
Anti-Manifesto, New Normal Business, New York 2012
Urban programming 101: Stage direction, Mediabus, Seoul, 2011


Muine, Seoul, South Korea 2013
Nadble, Seoul, South Korea 2013
Kaleidoscope, Spring 2012
Architizer.com 2012
Dazed and Confused, Seoul, South Korea 2011
Younger than Jesus, New Museum, New York USA 2009
CNET, 2011
Kontrol; Issue#1 “The pornography of fabricating fear”. Nomad.tv 2006
Container Culture. Leornardo, Volume 39, Issue 4 – August 2006. MIT Press

Narrative biography:

Taeyoon Choi is an artist  new media and performance artist. He earned B.F.A at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2004 and M.S at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in 2007. He had solo exhibitions in Art Space Hue; South Korea, and Spanien 13c; Denmark. His work has been presented at international venues such as Dislocate; Japan, Upgrade!; Macedonia, Nam June Paik Art Center; South Korea. He lectured at Parsons School of Design and lead workshops including Ars Electronica; Austria. Choi received Arts Council Korea ‘Young artist award’ in 2007 and residency at Eyebeam; New York in 2008. Choi collaborates with engineers, actors and activist groups. Choi lives in New York.

Personal background:
I was born in California to a South Korean family of a mechanical engineer and a painter.  I grew up in suburban Daejon, South Korea. I studied art and technology in the United States and South Korea. I learned to speak two languages. I learned to become absurd and rational at the same time. I am fascinated by the aesthetics and art practice as well as the way technology function in a society. I collaborate with friends, community that is local and the public that is sometimes imaginary. I teach as much as I learn, I write, I draw and I show them online and in galleries. I sometimes make robots and software that doesn’t quiet work well, but are hilarious to watch.

I studied performance art and film, video, new media in Chicago in 2004 and moved to Seoul. Since then, I make performance and digital media works as a full time artist. My work around that time were intervention in urban media space: humorous and yet critical of the contemporary digital culture. ‘Shoot me if you can’(2005), ‘Object of desire’(2005), ‘Moveable Types and Instant Spaces’ (2006) are some examples. I was involved in interdisciplinary collaboration with various networks and collectives including: FunOut Urban Game Inc, DOTPLAY Mobile Hacking Workshop, and Upgrade! Seoul.  I moved to New York in 2008, around that time I became increasingly interested in art practice as creative activism. My concern grew in the politics of urban space and economics of social relations. I now develop projects based on delicate process of research, public presentation, and education. I published some of the ideas in a book ‘Urban Programming 101’. Around 2009 I started to transform the ideas into multimedia performance, often using drawings in a variety of ways as a prop and a source for video projection. ‘Fair Exchange’(2009), ‘Parade of dead symbols’(2010), ‘Stage directions’(2010) are few of the work in progress.

In addition to art practice, I organize workshops and teach classes. I am interested in creating open platform for participants to share creativity and learn from first hand experience. I founded and manage a residency program for cultural producers at my home in Seoul, Anguk Temporary Space. Monthly public workshops are hosted by three residents on themes of art, technology and collaboration. I am the committee member of the Public School New York, and lectured at Parsons School of Design in 2009.

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