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Pixel pusher

SO the workshop was lots of fun. thanks everyone for coming!


Pixel Pusher is a public workshop by Taeyoon Choi for artists and designers to push physical pixel.

Pixel Pusher workshop from Taeyoon Choi on Vimeo.

Here are some drawings from my slides for Pixel Pusher Workshop

Electricity and myths of common myths regarding Benjamin Franklin

Current and charge 

Relaxation oscillator and Transistors


D.C and A.C

Few kinds of DC motors

PWM is digital speaking analog.

Contents produced by Choi Electronics

Pixel Pusher Workshop



Bill of Material*

  1. Laptop: While all tutorials and schematics will be printed, it is nice to have your own laptop so you can look at Fritzing files or spec sheets in depth. Also you can program Arduino on your own. PC/MAC/LINUX all fine. No Ipad.

  2. Breadboard: Any size breadboard is fine, as long as they have not been harmed by the weather. Multiple smaller breadboards can be useful for prototyping.

  3. Soldering iron: Get $10 iron from Radioshack or borrow one from your engineer friend or family. Ideally, I’d recommend you get an iron that costs more than $50 if you are serious about working with electronics.

  4. DC motors: these are everywhere, inside of your broken scanner/ printer, old cell phone, toys, etc. Bring electronic junks, and hack it to bring new life. If you have any Servo or Stepper motor, bring it on. I’ll help you connect it to operate properly.

  5. Arduino! very important.  Arduino is the friendliest microcontroller out there that will be the brain of your project. This beast only costs about $30 at NYU Computer store and any ol’ radioshack around you.
*While best deal is available online at Jameco or Sparkfun, decent deals can be found on your local Radioshack or hole in the wall stores on Canal street. If you have any hacker friend, they will most likely have multiple of these items which you should ask to borrow. 

The Complete B.O.M Here!

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