Ptitim, or Israeli couscous, is a favorite dish for many Israeli children.
After going out every night for a week, eating giant Korean dinners and too much drinking, I felt like deviating to something different, so made these, thinking of my friends in Israel.

Recipe is simple. Sauté Garlic and Onion for few minutes with olive oil. Fry Israeli couscous (larger than usual couscous) for some time and add water with salt. I put some carrots too. And then cook couscous for 10~15 minutes on low fire, stirring here and there. Ptitim is often served with salad and sauce, this time I make salad with cucumber, tomato and broccoli brussels.  Also some heart of artichoke and olives to make things more interesting.

This was the first time I made it, I’ve had it in friend’s places and in restaurants before. Easy meal and feels healthy.


Happy new year!

I wish for a peaceful year for Middle East as well as Far East.

Random picture on New Year’s Eve, NYC.

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