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Reading Rock Book Club

Dear friends
Do you like books? Do you like Internet? 
Do you want to read impossible text on unknowable subject?
Join the Reading Rock Book Club for adventure in active reading!
We will meet at some rock, decided by vote before each meeting, and read together and talk about what we think.
Good thing about Reading Rock Book Club is that you don't have to do the reading to join our conversation. 
You are encouraged to do the reading, if you'd like. 
First reading can be Archive Fever, text pdf. or we can meet to decide what to read.
My personal interest is in new media theory (no bullshit, real theory on science and technology) 
and activism (includes poetry, graphic novel and manifestos) and whatever you want to read.
Meet 1pm 1.13.2013, Central Park Boat House (cafeteria) and we walk to find a rock.
from Taeyoon.

"We only have an impression, an insistent impression through 
the unstable feeling of a shifting figure, of a schema, 
or of an in-finite or indefinite process..." from Derrida's Archive Fever.
Rain or snow...
and I will bring some berries to share.

If Mr Derrida bores us, we can always turn to uncle Benji.
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