Postman Conference

Today I join Neil Postman Graduate Conference at NYU via a show curated by Brian.


Occu-bot enjoys carpeted floor. postman0

some drawings from a show at 319 Scholes last year and work in progress OCCUPY LED sign.

this is what it looked like in action.

Occu-bot (2011) can protest in places that human civil disobedience is not allowed, and it can also replace human protesters. It is fully programmable and receives various sensor inputs. It’s picket says ‘Absence is presence with distance’ and ‘Silence is noise without character’ on the other side.  Occu-bot was dispatched to ther Zuccotti Park in December 26th, 2011 after eviction of Occupy Wall Street. It was loved by  Christmas shopping tourists. 



and outside, there is Washington Square Park …

and inside… there’s lots of presentation on media, body, technology and Manuel Castells will keynote later! postman

Come by if you are around!