App paintings

Encouraged by my friends suggestion to make more paintings, I got few canvas last week and started playing with it.

My neighbor's boyfriend with groceries

So I’d take drawings like these (which is my neighbor’s boyfriend with groceries) and make into painting with acrylics and gouache.

/For few days I worked on writing proposal for residency at Recess, my favorite non-for profit in New York. It has to do with counterfeiting iPhones, and drawings of fictional applications.

IPhone, iPad mini, iPad, Galaxy Tab. (Inspired by Aram Bartholl's Graphic Arrays)

This picture is inspired by my friend Aram Bartholl’s Graphic Arrays project.

#startup #idea #bald & #hip

This app is called Bald and Hip. Not sure what it would do.

Working on #startup app ideas. #backburner

This app is called Backburner. I think the drawing explains itself.

#ipad2 work in progress. What should be on the screen background?

I am working on few Ipad paintings.

It started as a joke, but its kind of fun to take my drawings more seriously.

I will continue to finish some more this coming week. and plan to experiment with painting on Laser cut and 3d printed objects in shape of commodity electronics, like iPhone.

I think all of these things are coming together slowly. Until then, more Spring cleaning, Tax preparation and Yoga!


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