Insta-drawing plan

This idea started tonight, realizing I might be broke next month.

I'm serious! INSTA-DRAWINGS ARE FOR SALE $10 EACH. #startup #starvingartist

I have a bunch of drawings I make for friends to see on Instagram. You can check it out here.  I have about 30 now, I plan to make 100. You can buy it by sending me $10 (or more) via Paypal to and also information of which drawing you want, and shipping address. If the drawing is already sold, you will have options for another.


but… I won’t. and do something better!


#Painting #startup

#painting #newnormalbusinesa

and I have many more ideas.

#Painting #Protest

I’ve done this few times to know how to do it. 🙂

#Painting #Exhibition #Auction

Yeah! Hope to do this by the summer time. Please buy my drawing, it is $10 now. My curator friends tell me it is worth more than that now, and will surely gain value later. Investment Opportunity!!!

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