Open source Kit


This is a concept for open source kit and illustrated tutorial for public workshop on basic electronics and computing. Kit is made of electronic, printed and found material.


From teaching various workshops (like this one), I learned it is often more work to order, assemble and manage parts, than the teaching itself. In order to streamline teaching and also to provide affordable tool which students can take home, the kit will have modular and programmable objects that are either made from recycled material or from material with low environmental impact.


The kit can be configured on its own, running on a battery or solar power, and it can also be used to extend interaction with the real world and computer. It may be necessary to build on top of Arduino as central processing unit or as an extension of it.


The tutorial will have cute and friendly aesthetic to reach out to younger audience. It can be made of print on paper as well as an application.


The main goal is reveal the secrets of electronics, so students can focus on their building experience and learn by hacking and playing. With the kit and tutorial, I hope to collaborate with other artists and hackers and also contribute to opensource community.




  1. Electronic parts
    – Switch, Potentiometer, Sensor
    – Transistor Resistor Logic parts
    – Battery, power supply, voltage regulator
    – Wire of various thickness and length
    – Micro-controller or other programmable option
    – Non-electronic parts
    – Instruction in style of coloring book or Lego tutorial
  2. Printed parts 
    – Laser cut parts to make structure
    – 3D printed parts for joints
    – Soft circuit, conductive fabric and textile
    – Plan to make parts from cardboard or natural material
  3. Software and computer options
    – Arduino and sample codes
    – ATTINY or other options
    – Linux machine / Raspberry Pi

Inspired by Kit of no parts  and Little Bits


April~ June: Research/ Prototype
July: Beta test.
September: Workshop in NY.
October: Workshop in Seoul.

Looking for EE, 3D, Interaction designer for collaboration and for hire.