Attempt to protest about protest

On May 1st, 3pm, during May Day in New York City, an attempt will be made to stage a protest to explore the politics of representation and participation.

against against2

These are few possible signs that I will make.

We will meet around 2pm at Cooper Square. There will be Free University happening on site. I will explain about the plan for the march and we will have time to build your own picket. Your picket may look anything as you wish, as long as they are white and do not contain any written message. They will be made of foam core and cardboards. We will walk around individually and collectively, operating within the walking software designed in advance. We need at least 5 more persons to realize the project.

This idea is inspired by images of Daniel Buren’s Seven Ballets in Manhattan.  DanielBurenBallet


Original plan for the march. BurenReference

If Buren’s performance was a provocation about the place of art in the city and society, this proposed attempt is to open up conversation from “I would rather not” and “We have no demands” to “What is to be done, now?”

Who am I? My name is Taeyoon and I am an artist. This project is building upon previous work at Occupy and other sites of social movement. Lindsey from Culture Hub will shoot video.  Please write to or tweet at to express your interest. Here are some of previous actions.

I am your friend.

My friends, there is no friend. 

Marching against architecture Occu-bot 


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