Sine wave

sign waves

I’m trying to make an oscillator that generates different wave forms. IMG_4755-1

After searching online and trying things at the studio, I got something that kind of works by happy accident. IMG_4742-1

I didn’t really have the parts that were recommended in schematics for Wein-Bridge oscillator, so I tried a bunch of parts by guessing. It’s running on LM 386N-1 with about 14 volt power.IMG_4707-1

Potentiometer gives value to (-) of op amp which changes output from square wave to sine. (or almost looking like sine)

Here is the circuit diagram.  I’m not sure if this is the best way to make sine with electronics. If you know, pls comment!



I’ve been thinking about wave forms as a metaphor, or applications of affects. Here are some drawings I made for collaboration with my friend Christine Sun Kim. More on that soon.