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Walking in Anyang



One early morning in May, I woke up in Anyang. A city about an hour and half from Seoul.


Jet lagged and confused, I was already awake for hours. I took a bus to Anyang station, packed apartment buildings and giant department store.


I walked around for a bit, but not a single coffee shop was open. One can spend as much time as they want finding amusing signs and drawings on buildings in Korea. Notice Alchol Tree. I like the sound of it!


The city, just waking up after long night, was tired and ashamed.

One of the sign says Kiss Room. Apparently, that’s where people go to kiss strangers. Sign underneath it indicates it’s a blood donation center. There are also place for chicken, wine, real estate, massage parlor, culture cafe, place to name your child or business, tailor shop, Chinese food and all kinds of places in this block. Density delivers immediate satisfaction.

Waiting College students waiting for bus to their school. Everyone looking at phone.


I got a cup of coffee here. I already had some food in my room, so didn’t have the “Toast” which is grilled sandwich. It’s tasty but be careful, they can be quiet heavy for breakfast.


A construction for building halted halfway. This is also a common sight outside of Seoul. There were some urban wild life there!


The market was not yet open. Mobility dreams of immobility.



Big ball architecture was quiet popular once again around a decade ago in Korea.


Until this point, I was trying very hard to do nothing.


I took a bus but got in wrong direction. The bus was full of middle school students. An undirected sexual tension was all over the bus. Boys were sweating for some reason and girls were swiping their phones while chewing gum and talking to each other. I got off after few stops.



Town people are exercising. An woman wearing plastic mask is walking backward with Masai shoes. Small creeks are dry most of the year. This landscape of half finished construction is very familiar all around Korea. 4 Major rivers, Han river and even in small towns.


I found a note I wrote in New York or on the plane. I started to find the pieces of the city.


Out of pure coincidence, I ended up hiking for few hours in Suri Mountain. Walk

I was looking to kill some time before meeting with Arts Highschool. The meeting was to engage students at Making Lab in Summer and Fall as part of Anyang Public Art Project.


The path lead to amazing hike. Once I started, I couldn’t stop walking. Birds were making amazing sound. I forgot about the meeting, interviews, my phone and kept on walking.

Green Ivory31PurpleslopeView


The city was still waking up. Wakingdown

I started to walk down. I was thirsty and drank a bottled water someone left on the path.


Walking down is always faster, but not necessarily easier. Lookout

I climbed up this tower but it was locked. and I took picture of an instruction I wrote few days ago.



End of the walk.

ArtSchool I was spot on time for meeting with Arts Highschool. I was sweating and Jiwon called me twice, wondering if I’m asleep. We had a great meeting, and had Jjajjangmyun for lunch.


Doggy by the restaurant was not happy to see me.

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