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Game- storytelling

This is a hand written note to Yougju Kim, CC to Jinseong and Achim of Making Lab at APAP. We are trying to lead few workshops on interactive storytelling and game making. This is my thoughts on the workshop proposal and direction. It’s mostly in Korean with lots of English words and expressions.

I was frustrated with examples made with Twine were not interesting. I asked my game designer friend Zach Gage and he recommended Photopia  and Howling 

There are some nice articles about making games in the classroom. link

Youngju’s proposal made use of Twine. Researching about Twine and Inform made me think of Zork.

Inform 7 is quiet strange and awkward but worth more investigation. Literate programming and computation literature is not the main focus of School for Poetic Computation, as a matter of fact, it’s one of the most common misunderstanding of what we want to do. However, it will be worth to investigate how exactly poetry/literature can be made with code and hardware.


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