Art=Tech by ITP Teachers Corps. A small group of graduate students taught workshops for 20+ middle and high school students, parents and teachers. The workshops: Soft circuit, paper mechanism, stop motion animation and sound manipulation. It was heartwarming to see the youth and the graduate students bond over the day. ITP Teachers Corps is initiated by professor Nancy Hechinger and a group of highly dedicated students. Its mission is to volunteer for local youth, and also learn by teaching, gain experience and confidence in pedagogy. ITP Teachers Corps plan to hold more workshops in partnership with the local schools. I’m honored to have played a very small part in facilitating this event. I’m sharing some pictures from this event because I think this is a model that can be replicated in other universities and organizations. Beautiful pics by Annie Goody.

Art=Tech-0014 Art=Tech-0103 Art=Tech-0157 Art=Tech-0168 Art=Tech-0226 Art=Tech-0241 Art=Tech-0317 Art=Tech-9976