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Bit’s journey



Bit’s journey is an game about writing code and executing the program.


The goal is to move the Bit, tiny figure, from Start to End, collecting as many stars as possible on the way. The Bit can only follow the lines and move one point at a time. On the game board, you write code, draw arrows, or invent new methods to move the Bit.

The goal is to create a program which another person can play, or execute. If the program runs correctly, the Bit will travel from Start to Finish and go through the stars. If there’s an error, the other person can write an error report on the paper.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.57.27 AM

Bit’s journey and Game board-1 & Game board-2┬ádesigned in collaboration with Yeseul Song and Michael Simpson.

The exercise was first developed for Signing Coders.


Play in a pair.



Student examples.

if-statement-5 if-statement-3-Recovered if-statement-4

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