Coding 0 to 1, Grids

Introductory coding workshop for North Korean students at NKgo Daum School in Seoul. “NKgo Daum School Academy is an academic facility created solely to educate and foster North Korean students.” – Daum School


I was invited by the US Embassy in Seoul to lead a one day workshop for students between age of 17~27. Most of the students relocated to Seoul very recently. They are identified as defectors, migrants or refugees. Some of them are from North Korean diaspora, born in China or neighboring countries by North Korean parents. The workshop was three hours long, for 12 students using Windows computers. Almost all of the students did not have any exeperience with code.

The curriculum

The workshop followed curriculum I developed for Uncertainty School and Signing Coders. I asked Taegyoung Kim and Yumi Jung from Stuckyi studio to help with teaching. It was once again a great experience to work with them.



Workshop full documentation