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Uncertainty School participant exhibition, Interdependence, 2016, Commissioned by SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2016

Time: September 28 (Wednesday) – November 20 (Sunday)
Opening: September 28 (Wednesday) 7pm
Venue: Community Gallery of Buk-Seoul Museum of Art

Program: “Conversation with the artists”
September 28 (Wednesday)  7pm~8pm

Uncertainty School participant exhibition Interdependence presents the participants’ works and progress of the program.

Uncertainty School invited artists, creators, art educators, activists, and social workers as participants and organized 15 workshops and public seminars. Individuals who use different senses and languages came together to form a temporary and autonomous community of learning.

We questioned the mainstream method of communication and attempted to have an inclusive conversation. Considering the specific needs of the participants, we translated before interpreting their message. Through this process, text becomes texture, concrete language becomes living and fluid language. These ways of conversation are the support structure which enables diversity within the community and preserves the dignity of individuals. When this conversation is no longer an exception, but a natural condition, we can unlearn our biases and reach out to others with generosity.

Interdependence is an exhibition about the beauty of our distinct incompleteness and the possibility to embrace it. It’s also a chance to share the ‘radical reciprocity’ of the Uncertainty School’s lecturers, participants and collaborating artists with the visitors. Interdependence is the potentiality, transforming somethings that are deemed impossible as an individual, into a possibility with collective capacity.

Exhibiting artists
Jaephil Ko, Kyuseob Kwak, Sungwon Kim, Yerim Kim, Eunseol Kim, Inkyung Kim, Hyunwoo Kim, Hyeonseong Park, Bum Park, Gun-woo Yook, Minhee Lee, Youngik Lee, Jinsoul Lee, Yujin Lee, Dowoon Jeong, Young-eun Cho, Eunkyoung Jeon

Collaborating artists
Raya Kim, Small studio Semi, Taekyung Kim, Yumi Jung, Bora Kim, Wonsun Yoo

Partnering Organizations
Raw+side, Jamsil Art Space, Tumsairo

Taeyoon Choi

Saerom Suh, Grace Park


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