2016 in review

Things I did with collaborators in 2016.

Organized Learning to Teach conference with Tega

Organized Design and Technology 101 with Mushon

Organized Coding 0 to 1 with Luisa

Organized Architectural History of Computation tour with Ingrid

Spoke about Digital Poetics at a roundtable in CUNY Graduate Center

Held Somethings In Residence at NYU ITP. Thanks to Nancy, Midori, Dan O’, George

Helped Circuit Scores: Electronics After David Tudor with Sam, Charles and Avant team

Spent a few dreamy days in Paris, Thanks to A Young, Jagna, Seung Yoon

Presented Towards an Open City: Seoul. Lyon with Binna, Seung Yoon, Charlotte

Helped Alt-AI conference and exhibition. Thanks to organizer and speakers

Learned Sign Language. Thanks to Alan and Rob

Organized and taught Signing Coders at BRIC. Thanks to Michael, Kevin, Achim, Atul and everyone

Helped teach code to blind students at Ability Project, NYU by Claire Kearney-Volpe

Exhibited in Whisper or Shout: Artists in the Social Sphere. Exhibition

Taught at Unlearning Disability at Summit on Pedagogy, Pioneer works

Bachelor Party for Kyle. Thanks to Marius (my co-host), Jamie, James, Alex, Jamie, Zach, Blair, Jack, Joel

Best man at Kyle and Lauren’s wedding. Read this poem at the party*

Co-organized SFPC Summer 2016. Thanks to Lauren, Zach and the students

Taught Poetics and Politics of Computation at SFPC. Probably my most successful class to date.

Taught in Digital Studio for Kids program at BAM. Thanks to Molmol, Yeseul and Chino

Hung out at Forbidden Research at MIT Media Lab. Thanks to CK, Gershon, Chris, Sascha, Daniel

Uncertainty School. I  say, without hesitation, Uncertainty School was the most important work I’ve done to date. I feel I had the most tangible interaction with participants and created real impact. Also, I simply loved every one of the participants. Honor to have collaborated with Sara Hendren, Alice Sheppard, Soichiro Mihara, Natacha Nisic, Joo Hwang, Eduardo Navarro, Hong Seung-Hye, Lee-Kil Bora, Raya, Small Studio Semi and many others. Mediacity SeoulArt Asia Pacific. Thanks to Saerom, Sungmin, Grace and everyone

Performed Future Proof with Christine. Thanks to Semi and many friends

Taught North Korean defectors. Another transformative experience.

I talked about North Korean Internet in a New Yorker article. Thanks to Tammy

Participated in Occupy the Future. Creative Time Summit in DC. Thanks to Dan and Catherine

Co-organized SFPC Fall 2016. Thanks to Robby, Lauren and all the students

Taught Poetics and Politics of Computation at SFPC Fall 2016

Exhibited Walking Chimes with CK at CTRL+ALT. Thanks to Fletcher, Gwilim, Adirel

Presented Uncertainty School and SFPC at Alternative Art School Fair in Pioneer Works. Thanks to Catherine and everyone

Visited Hamden, Conneticut. Thanks to Jeesook and Kwangsoo and friends

Still working on Handmade Computer Essay with Sam

Began residency at NEW.INC. Thanks to Julia, Rasu and everyone

From Day to Night
Ocean to Desert
Silence to Noise
Absence to Presence
You to Me.

The energy which brought you together.
The force which made distance vanish.
The will which made this time,
Slow down.
To this moment.

May your Mornings filled with each other’s smile.
May your Day filled with each other’s creativity.
May your Nights filled with each other’s deep listening.
May your dreams filled with each other’s image.

This is a poem that will not end.
This is a poem that will continue.
I Push. You Pull.

This is a poem that will have conflict.
This is a poem that will resolve.
You Push. I Pull.

This is a poem that’s open for collaboration.
This is a poem that’s ready for interpretation.
Merge Complete.

Poems for Kyle and Lauren’s wedding. June 4th