Poetics and politics of computation


Class at SFPC Summer 2016, June~August. Tuesday 10 am ~ 12:30pm, 155 Bank street, NYC

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Instructor: Taeyoon Choi.

“Poetics and politics of computation” is a class for students to build conceptual tools and critical lens for artistic work with technology.

In this class, students will learn about the history and contemporary issues of art, literature, critical theory with a specific focus on the cultural significance of computation. Readings and assignments will help them investigate the poetics of computation and the poetic effects created with computation. Students will participate in reading, viewing, writing, discussion, presentation and site visits. Each week, students will be prompted to create conceptual projects following the instructions. Students will present their prompts with documentation or performance.

Students will be encouraged to write weekly reflection on the reading. English as Second Language students will have access 1:1 session with the instructor and Work-Study student.

Student works