Absence is Presence with Distance

By collaborating with Christine Sun Kim, sound artist, I became inspired to work with sound and get involved with the Deaf community. Together we created installations, performance and instructions. We continue to exchange ideas and help each other.

Incomplete Text

Incomplete Text is a participatory performance about a system of repetition, reduction and reproduction. We used prepared metronomes and selfies sticks to invite participants to experience coming together as a community. Performance at The Whitney Museum of American Art, June 22, 2015, inspired by Incomplete Text #6 “E” by Charles Gaines.

Future Proof

Future Proof is a lecture performance about seven potential futures. We gave form to the futures as wind chimes with electronics and motors. As each wind chime creates sound in various speeds, they will gradually become one collective and intersectional future, in both controlled and abstract senses. Performance at MediaCity Seoul 2016 at the Seoul Museum of Art.

How to draw a perfect line

How to draw a perfect line is a conversation about line, space and time.

How to draw a perfect score

How to draw a perfect score is a conversation about time, language and spaces.


Reunification is a translation of Christine’s essay about “Organization for the Reunification of Separated Korean Families.