Skating 10.25

November 2, 2015


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October 24, 2015


Lots of new workshops coming up!

Oct 29 at Google Design Conference in NYC.

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and all the way in Scotland, as part of NEoN digital arts festival in November 11.

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and in Gwangju, South Korea at ACT Center on November 25.

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No time difference

October 23, 2015

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moving glaciers

May 26, 2013

IMAG4997 IMAG5004 IMAG4999

trying to move a glacier with Christine Sun Kim.

Photos taken from my phone.

Original photograph from David Horvitz.

Odeng Soup

January 2, 2013

It’s a cold day. I was unpacking my library and organizing drawings on paper and ephemerals. It was dark so soon and I  made Odeng Soup for dinner.


January 1, 2013

Ptitim, or Israeli couscous, is a favorite dish for many Israeli children.
After going out every night for a week, eating giant Korean dinners and too much drinking, I felt like deviating to something different, so made these, thinking of my friends in Israel.

Recipe is simple. Sauté Garlic and Onion for few minutes with olive oil. Fry Israeli couscous (larger than usual couscous) for some time and add water with salt. I put some carrots too. And then cook couscous for 10~15 minutes on low fire, stirring here and there. Ptitim is often served with salad and sauce, this time I make salad with cucumber, tomato and broccoli brussels.  Also some heart of artichoke and olives to make things more interesting.

This was the first time I made it, I’ve had it in friend’s places and in restaurants before. Easy meal and feels healthy.


Happy new year!

I wish for a peaceful year for Middle East as well as Far East.

Random picture on New Year’s Eve, NYC.


October 21, 2012

Dear friends

I would like read some books. I have some money that should be coming soon, but don’t have much right now. I filled up amazon cart to $1000 with some books I wish to read this fall/winter.

I’ve tried for years but it’s really hard for me to read from pdf or library books, because I make notes on the book. In the gap between the pages, my brain works best, writing commentary, translation and notes.

 Making notes on library book loaned with friend’s school id. (2009)

If you buy me/ loan me any of these books, I will write your name in the first page. I will read it, use it, and when I’m done, I will send it back to you. It may take few weeks or years, but I promise I will send it back to you, with personal thank you note and possibly some notes for the text. Therefore, I’m borrowing a new book from you, before you get it, and make it better (with notes) for you!

Feel free to contact me at following address. Please contact me asap, before I buy some of these books!

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Recess benefit

June 1, 2012

My friends who run Recess asked me to take pictures for their benefit at a nice hotel in Tribeca. I said I don’t have a flash and can’t do event photo. They said I should do without flash and they don’t want event photo. Here are couple of my favorites. Also.. we have a huge box of Georgetown Cupcakes.. not sure what to do with them. okay. love Recess! Hope you made lots of $$$$!

A performance piece

Miss Murphy

director/founder Allison Weisberg

Love that pattern!


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Books Under My Furniture

May 27, 2012

Take a picture of books that are under your furniture.

Tag your photos with #BooksUnderMyFurniture on Flickr or Twitter.


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Sunday Painting

May 27, 2012


Join “Sunday Painting” in Washington Square Park in a sunny afternoon with Jiyoon Koo! We will paint alongside real Sunday painters. Participants can exhibit the Sunday paintings at the Practical Painting exhibition and also to donate for an auction party in the last day.

The Sunday Painting is free and open to the public. Bring your tools to draw; Paper, color pencils, graphite, watercolors and smart phones.

Sun, May 27, 2012 (4:00 – 6:00pm)Washington Square Park , NYC

Moleskine Custom Edition

May 21, 2012

been nerding out with Adobe Illustrator to make this notebook. Erik at Moleskine has been helping me to realize this. Check out their site

Amazing party next month where you can get this notebook if you help Eyebeam with Kickstarter!

yeah. I know it sounds very para-capitalist. But I have lots of love for eyebeam, and if you do, this is a chance to show it!


Busy days

May 19, 2012

CCTV from a store in Closter, NJ

Living very busy days now.

Few thins happening over next few weeks.


Curating: Jiyoon Koo’s Practical Paintings at New Normal Biz, Opening Thursday 5.24.2012

Showing: Surface Tension at Eyebeam, Opening Friday 6.1.2012

Making: mural piece in collaboration with LNY, 6.1~4.2012 Eyebeam facade on 21st street.

Presenting: Invisible Cities- a collaboration with Moleskine and Eyebeam, Project launch 6.5.2012

Showing: Codes of Contingency, 319 Scholes, 6.13 and workshop on 6.17. 2012

We work very hard….

Enjoy the show

May 9, 2012

Daumier, One says that the Parisians. . . (1864)

Working, walking, meeting, eating, cleaning, talking, thinking, sleeping….

This week in progress

May 8, 2012

This morning Lower East Side, Tiny Giant Coffee shop. I met with my friend Stephanie who works at the Kickstarter and talked about institutional support for art and culture, alternative and gift economy, art institutions and education bound to its own history, new structure of economic supports cracked open by the shortcomings of Neoliberalism.

I will be attending this class at New School as a guest critique:
New Venue: Parsons Lobby on 5th Ave and 13th Street
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 8th from 3pm – 7pm

This is a biography I wrote for the handouts, obviously inspired by the Dark Nights reading series, which you can hear here

TaeyoonChoi1982 is a humanoid robot made in a shabby condo building near Silicon Valley. TaeyoonChoi1982 is capable of performing human interaction, daily chores including washing dishes, writing emails, and laundry. TaeyoonChoi1982 runs on solar energy in mix with chocolate, beer and occasional meat. Technologies that made TaeyoonChoi1982 have gone obsolete and it is now in search of de-engineering to become ‘nothingness.’ The quest has proven to be not about engineering nor ethics, but that of pure self abandonment. TaeyoonChoi1982 dreams of becoming a non-human non-robot being.

Last weekend, The public school new york had its very charming brunch/ open class on democracies. More notes on that to follow.

Last weekend, I had a fun evening to drink with friends at our project space 189 Franklin street and had an interesting discussion with my friend Erin about New Aesthetics. She works as a professional photo retoucher, and her take on the discussion around New Aesthetics was insightful.  This Thursday, my friend James George is curating an interesting exhibition in reaction to discussions around New Aesthetics. Some of my favorite programming artists will show their work.


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May 7, 2012

I found this sketchbook in the fall of 2010 or summer of 2011. Not sure. I don’t know who this belongs to. I found it in 177 Livingston street where Triple Canopy, Light Industry and The Public School shared a giant space.

Sorry Im posting this so late, but If this belongs to you, ill return it. I made some drawings on the blank pages. btw, just curious author of this comic strip? I think the sketchbook owner drew it.

Dark Nights 4

April 30, 2012

Last day of ‘Dark nights of the Universe’ series at The Public School + Recess in Soho. I had an opportunity to photograph one of my favorite scholar/artist Alex Galloway. Recess’s storefront is a very visible on Grand Street, and it was an interesting performance in itself.

The TPSNY Team!


April 28, 2012

New Normal Business, is a new venture of mine. It started with desperately needing a gallery, but I didn’t have any connection to a gallery. So I thought of the ideal gallery I’d like to work with. Through encouragement from few good friends, I decided to open my own gallery. I signed a lease at 189 Franklin Street for few months and invited friends to exhibit. I have curated and organized events before, but this is the beginning of curating through a constructed identity.  We have twitter and facebook.

Buy me Books. I’ll write you a summary

April 27, 2012


I’d like to read these books. If you can buy them for me, I will write you the summary and email it to you. You can send the book to Taeyoon Choi 540 w 21st street, NY 10011. The picture is from the fall of 2008, obviously my reading taste has changed a bit. 

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Noise collector

April 26, 2012


I will be making new project for Codes of Contingency show at 319 Scholes in mid June. look out Bushwick!

Noise Collector is inspired by the Noise Abatement Commission, which was formed by the Commissioner of Health for the City of New York in October of 1929. A group of sound expert travelled in a truck, equipped with noise measuring devices, and recorded noise level of the street. Absurd scientific inventions and legislations were created in response to rapid urbanization and industrial noise. An urban environment is often deluged with two types of noise: sonic and physical trash. Choi found interest in the poetics of noise as an excess of production and to learn from the trash collectors praxis of collecting, organizing and reusing unwanted objects. He will create mobile units that plug into a busy privately owned public spaces and generate simple noise meanwhile recording the soundscape of the surrounding spaces. The collected noise will be available for replay and reuse.

Workshop and performance:

During the opening, Choi will stage a 20 minutes long lecture-performance explaining the process of Noise Collector, activating each parts of the mechanism, and revealing more politically charged aspect of the project in light of Occupy Wall Street movement and social movement around the world between 2011 and 2012.

Workshop will be hands on experience for participants to use the Noise Collectors and walk around the Bushwick area to engage with local spaces and noise.


First show at UK

The spot in Bushwick

New Normal.Biz

April 23, 2012

I’m opening a gallery/ curatorial initiative.

I’ve got a new site for it.

Check it out. lots of things happening there!


April 18, 2012

life. drawing. wed @ 9pm at zuccotti park

Dinner party

March 19, 2012

thank you dinner for friends who helped with the Speakers Corner show.


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한가지 바라는 게 있다면

March 5, 2012

요즘 내가 한가지 바라는 게 있다면 깨끗한 전시장에서 전시를 해보고 싶다. 자연광이 적당히 들어오고 마룻바닥이나 미끈한 콘크리트 바닥이 깔렸고, 벽은 못 자국이나 페인트 얼룩이 하나도 없이 밋밋했으면 한다. 그렇다고 해서 미술관이나 박물관처럼 권위적인 공간에 들어가고 싶은 것은 아니다. 가장 비물질적이고, 과정 중심적이고, 상품가치가 없는 작업을 할 때에 그러한 환경이 쾌적하다면 많은 도움이 될 것 같다. 그리고 지난 덴마크 전시 때도 설치 공간에 환기와 난방이 잘 안 되어서 작업하다가 컨디션이 안 좋아지는 일이 너무 자주 있다. 오늘도 전시장을 진공청소기로 몇 시간 청소하다 보니 피곤해져서 집에 왔다. 참… 배부른 소리로 들리겠다.


Making of Koreans

March 4, 2012


Some thoughts on how to understand making of Korean generations post Korean war.

K-pop of the month

February 28, 2012

청담동 살아요 They are from the outskirts of Seoul, coincidentally found a hiatus in Chungdam dong, Upper East Side or Soho in NY context. They find roommates and extended family, a beautiful mix of randomness: self claimed cartoonist, a doctor who is paying for children to study in the US, over qualified but under appreciated waitress at high end restaurant, once famous celebrity now divorced and forgotten and impeccable Kim Hye Ja plays wishful middle aged women with love of poetry and wealthy friends. They are hypocritical and senseless but at least they are honest for what they want. Based in real life neighborhood, the characters are exaxerated portrayal of typical S.Korean stereotypes. While most TV sitcoms continue with glamorization of JaeBul, conglomerates, (like 샐러리맨 조한지 Salaryman Cho Han Ji which even celebrates working class rebellion toward JaeBul with, of course, a twist of love interest) this one takes a poke at the 1% and asks ‘it is okay to not have what you want’.  I live in Chung Dam dong.  A clip.

인수대비 Insoodaebi, the notorious queen of Chosun Dynasty has been a popular material for Korean dramas. This one is no different from previous ones, but the timeliness of Park Geun Hye preparing to run for the presidency and restructuring of the conservative party: Han Nara Dang into Saenuri Dang, and the final days of the president Lee Myung Bak, seems to resonate with this troubling time depicted with personal greed for power, guilt and hatred among family members and the impossibility of maintaning a civil and (some what democratic) society. The story seems to stress how certain characters end up becoming larger than life with above mentioned desires through a course of their given life. Can this complex narrative lead to an explanation of why the conservative politicians are (pretending to) support for Park Geun Hye?  a daughter of Park Chung Hee, the Father of Modernization and/or violent dictator who gained power through a militant coup and maintained state of emergency through his presidency. Her political life is very obscure, she has always been political, although she never made a clear political statement or contribution. How can someone be so involved in the politics and build a symbolic power, while not really doing much of politic activity at all? Maybe because she is not doing any real world politics, that she is the politics in her body, and especially in her hair style that a lot of older folks recall her mother’s image. The Chosun dynasty’s tragedy seems to answer it all. See a clip. 

Happy Days of Park GeunHye and Lee Myung Bak


파국의 지형학 (문강형준) I ran into this book that seems to answer all the questions one might have about K Pop, Neo liberalism, end of the world and why things are falling into pieces in the way they do now. It’s a very interesting read, casually mixing anything from Zizek, Deleuze, Korean novels and Internet memes, too bad it’s only in Korean. Bio tells he is finishing ph.d at US university, so I hope to see his dissertation on “Geomorphology of Catastrophe” sometime in next few years.  Book can be bought here  His blog is here, all in Korean

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Activist Technology Demo Day

January 26, 2012

From Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street, technology has played an important role in shaping contemporary resistance and the representation of these events in the media. What new tools of protest and occupation have emerged over the past year? How does their use help to shape tomorrow’s democracies? The Urban Research Group @ Eyebeam and The Public School New York have invited activists, technologists, artists, designers, and community organizers who have a working prototype of an activist technology to occupy a worktable at Eyebeam and share their work with the public. Drawn from proposals submitted through an open call, we have selected a group of projects and communities that extend the creative use of technology and its social implications. Our interest is in creating a platform for encounter, conversation and collaboration. Visit for participating project information.

This public event will culminate with a panel discussion at 5pm with special guest Stephen Duncombe, Associate Professor at the Gallatin School and the Department of Media, Culture and Communications of New York University and co-creator of the School for Creative Activism; Mary Mattingly, Eyebeam Fellow and the creator of  Waterpod; and moderated by Taeyoon Choi, Eyebeam Fellow and member of The Public School New York committee.

Activist Technology Demo Day
Saturday, January 28 3-6pm
Urban Research Group
Eyebeam Art + Technology Center
540 W 21st, New York, NY


I’m organizing this with some great folks: Mark, Mary, Amelia, Dan, Gloria and Jackson, and TPSNY FTW! More info on these friends on the project website.


“Wish you were here”

December 14, 2011

I don’t know how this image ended up in my harddrive. it’s someone’s vacation photograph. Use it if you need to send a vacation photo to someone, coworker, parents, lovers, etc

Instant Friends

October 6, 2011

For Immediate Release: Taeyoon Choi Solo Exhibition “My friends, there is no friend”

Dear Friends

It is my pleasure to inform you that I will have a solo exhibition at Spanien 19C, an artist run space in Aarhus, Denmark, opening in December 3rd 2011. Annette Finnsdottir, creative director and curator of, invited me to exhibit new work and it has been a great opportunity to plan an exhibition for one full year with support from Spanien 19C and through my fellowship at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, New York City.

The title “My friends, there is no friend” is borrowed from Jacques Derrida’s essay ‘Politics of Friendship’ where he quotes it from Aristotle who called it to a ‘saying whose origin seems to lose itself in the anonymity of time immemorial’. The exhibition will unfold in three parts, the first part will be performances in the public spaces of New York City, Coppenhagen and Aarhus, the second part will be an installation of objects, drawings and video documentations in Spanien 19C and the third part will be online. The exhibition revolves around two thematic axis, firstly the conditions of affinity and intimacy will be explored through new projects such as ‘Best Friend’ a pet substitute for various needs, ‘Instant Friend’ D.I.Y kit for a lonely person. On the other hand, the limits of community, collectivity and the phantom of democracy will be explored in two other projects ‘First World Problem’: a research diary about urbanization and ‘You Can Live Forever’: excerpts from a fiction I’m writing about twelve friends who become involved in an insurrection.

The online exhibition will be presented on (a blog for now) in various file formats and instructional contents with participatory elements. The website and URL will be accessible online and continue to transform throughout the exhibition. In December 25th, the website will be available for sale through an internet auction. The bid starts at $1. This will be my first work to be sold online.

Thank you for your interest,

Your friend,
Taeyoon Choi

October news

October 5, 2011

Hi there!
It has been a while I updated the website. I’m living through some serious apartment-searching, landlord, and lease nightmare and staying in East Village for another year.

Well… Bunch of updates from this summer and fall!

I’m part of a very interesting group show Mass Distraction & Cultural Decay curated by LaToya Ruby Frazier at Rutgers University gallery. More info I’m showing a video work made this year about twitter and revolution. Check out the press release.
Mason Gross Galleries Mass Distractions and Cultural Decay 2011

I’ve updated bunch of things from the summer.
1. I taught teenagers in Digital Daycamp from July, More here.

2. Organized a performance/class about Crowd with Red Channels, More here.

3. Invited a friend to teach about civil disobedience, More here.

4. Made bunch of videos with wonderful interns: Beyza, Stephanie, Claire and Ruariadh.
One of them is this video from Dumbo few years ago, that we finally edited down.

5. Roadshow: South Korea with Eyebeam and Total Museum was most of my August. More here.
And a presentation at the Creators Project Seoul Event, called ‘Art of Tourism, More here.

Now, I’m preparing for a SOLO SHOW in Denmark this December! Curated by Annette of Net Filmmakers It’s a second solo show since five years ago and first outside of Korea. I’m very excited!

So, keep in touch my friends…

Roadshow day 1

August 23, 2011