July 11, 2011

Setting up

June and July

June 14, 2011

June and July will be a very busy month.
6/17~18 EYEBEAM Open Studio
6/18 Ghosting 1
6/23 The Creators Project Meetup Panel
6/28 Ghosting 2
7/5~26 EYEBEAM Digital Day Camp: Mentor
7/14 INVISIBLE____: solo show at EYEBEAM’s project space
7/28 As A Crowd Gathers: Panel with Red Channels @Eyebeam
8/3 Civil Disobedience in 21st Century Part 2: with The Public School New York @Eyebeam
8/4 EYEBEAM Roadshow South Korea: Kickoff Event @Eyebeam

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May 12th. Performance: Specters of the riot

May 5, 2011

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May 12th 2011, 6:30pm

A lecture-performance-discussion about <Specters of the riot>
Open Prototyping at the EYEBEAM Art and Technology Center
540 West 21st street, New York, NY10011
RSVP: taeyoon at eyebeam dot org

Taeyoon Choi will present text, image, sound and technology from his continuing research on the 1992 Los Angeles riot. The performance will follow a journey of 8mm home video recording of Rodney King beating to local television station to national television network to collective consciousness and appropriation by the popular culture. The performance is delivered in a format of lecture in order to create a space for discussion and participation. Specters of the riot, in this case, are following speculations that will be elaborated and discussed.

  • How have the events been portrayed in the collective narratives of different local ethnic groups, in popular culture (film and music), and in the mainstream media?
  • Did popularization of consumer camcorders lead to citizen journalism as well as surveillance? On that note, how to use the learnings about American television culture of early 1990s to understand contemporary internet culture?
  • What effect did the representation of urban space, youth, race and violence in the media have on the physical space and social relations in interracial neighborhood?

In December of 2010, Taeyoon presented Specters of the Riot as speculations and contextual questions to a group of L.A. artists and researchers at the Public School in Telic Arts Exchange, Los Angeles. The presentation centered around the similarities and differences in factors that triggered violence in the 1965 Watts riot, 1992 Rodney King riot, and present day violence in LA.  The discussion lead to questions such as Why did violence erupt as instances of riots? Why weren’t non-violent methods employed? Why did these events not build towards a larger sustained movement? Or did they?

The May 12th performance is open to the public via RSVP.  Eyebeam will be officially closed by the time of performance and there is will be an instruction by the entrance to ring a door bell. This event is part of Open Prototyping. Taeyoon Choi is an artist based in New York City. Choi was a teenager in Orange County, California in the early 90s.

Eyebeam presents Open Prototyping, an environment designed to share the ongoing research and production of its fellows and residents. The main exhibition space will operate as a platform for public engagement through workshops, presentations, demonstrations, and informal daily interactions. Like the recent X-Labprogram, Open Prototyping fosters an experimental approach that embraces tinkering, critical dialogue, user testing, and the real-time presentation of creative research. <from Eyebeam’s website>

May 1st, NYC Marble Cemetery

April 26, 2011

Invitation to a performance (beta test)
Recently I’ve been developing new ideas and technology on the topic of ‘site specific cinema’ . The idea is to watch moving image material that have a direct relation to the site of watching. I’ve been inspired by watching many films and having a slight deja vu when stumbling upon the places that the film was shot. Also ‘audio guided walk’ projects by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller as well as mobile and locative projects by Blast Theory have been a great inspiration.

Using small media devices such as laptop, mp3 player, phones, I want to create a participatory experience of watching film that challenging the boundary of reality and representation. The goal is to use the media devices to create a social situations, not an isolated experience, thus some aspects of the performance involves audience participation and engagement with the site, performer (artist) and other audience. By literally taking film out of the cinema house, I want to explore the possibility of creating an immersive cinematic experience in the public space.

On May 1st, I will have a first beta test of the technology and script, I invite you to come join the project at its infant stage. There is much uncertainty about what will happen, due to the site specificity and dependency on a prototype software. However, the essential objectives will be pursued by:

1. When you RSVP by Thursday to taeyoon at eyebeam dot org , I will send you a file: a piece of software and a video.
2. You will need to bring a laptop with fully charged battery and the software and headphone or earphone.
3. We will meet at New York City Marble Cemetery at 1pm in May 1st. We will check if technology is working properly.
4. If NYC Marble Cemetery is open (as noted on their website*), we will start the performance. It will take roughly 30 minutes.
5. When completed, we will enjoy the sun.

The piece (in progress) is about feeling of presence-being with someone, living – not as a means of defying death – but embracing it and etc.

*The project is based on the site of NYC Marble Cemetery, which is only open twice a year. I have not got any response from them about this year’s open hours, so there can be last minute change of the project if the place is not open for some reason. The project will take a different shape if the site is closed.

This project, like most of my work this year, is supported by Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.

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3D scanning workshop

April 23, 2011

3D Capture at 60fps

I’ve invited my friend Kyle McDonald to give a skill share at Eyebeam: a hands on demonstration on 3D scanning with ‘structured light’ technique.
Skill share is usually only for Eyebeam artists, but this time we have few spots open for artist/hacker who is interested.
If you want to come, please email me at by next Thursday to RSVP at <taeyoon dot eyebeam dot org> with a little bit of information of who you are and why you are interested.
It will be 4/29/Friday 5pm~8pm, (Time changed) Free.


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Something about Wall St

April 5, 2011

A group of joyous, angry, depressed and indifferent wannabe rioters is converging on Wall Street on Sunday for a party in the street. Come, bring whatever and have a rowdy time! There will be music, champagne, a commingling of chaotic bodies and other assorted fun. Nothing counterrevolutionary allowed!

“More of the same . . .” – The Guardian

“Charming, but not as radical as Greece.” –

“New York continues to disappoint.” – The Portland Mercury

“The weakest of the entire pro-situ lineage.” – Bill NotBored

“The least seductive rage of 2011.” – Vice Magazine

“Confusing signs.” – The New York Times


I will make QR coded Picket that connects to the group’s communique!

Open prototyping part 1

March 31, 2011

As part of Eyebeam Atelier’s Open Prototyping, I’ve been making new drawings, installation, writing, lunch, and met with interesting people in main exhibition space for past month. It was a strange experience to work in such an open space, visitors were allowed to see me work, wonder, make phone calls, or do nothing. I can’t say it was the most private environment, but it did get me thinking about what it means to work in the public realm. This saturday is the last day of part 1, the space will be closed for Mixer, a great looking new media-performance-music party featuring Sun Ra Arkestra and many other awesome folks. Saturday from 2-4, there will be final class to the Intro to Sound art, which I mention below. Welcome to come and enjoy our noise.

This month, I made a video presentation ‘Revolution will be twitted’ for a social studies symposium on ‘crowd and moving image’ in Chicago. I also wrote for awesome journal Area/Chicago, the contents are still being edited. I also watched hundreds of South Korean movies from 90’s and early 2000s, as research for new project “Host without the Host”. I did a 4 hour long interview with The Creators Project, which will be live sometime soon. I organized and lectured on ‘Noise and the Public space’ at Introduction to Sound Art class with The Public School New York. As well as submitting grant application for Eyebeam Roadshow: South Korea with help of Nathalie Shin at Total museum of Contemporary Art. First month as a fellow at Eyebeam, and it has been very busy and productive. Look forward to next round of open prototyping starting mid April. I’ve been interviewing potential interns for spring and summer, and great talents are approaching me to assist and collaborate. April will be more exciting, as spring comes, more outdoor activities and experiments in the public space. Follow me on twitter to keep informed.

Artist talk in Seoul

February 1, 2011


An artist talk about recent projects at the Book society

Photographs by Circuswoman

일시: 2011년 1월 21일 금요일 7:00pm
장소: 상수동 더 북 소사이어티

뉴욕을 중심으로 활동하는 최태윤 작가의 토크가 마련되었습니다. 2010년 발간된 아티스트 북 ‘도시프로그래밍 101:무대 지시’와 새로운 주제인 ‘폭동의 환영’에 대한 소개가 있으며, 리서치와 장소-특수적인 개입의 예를 중심으로 아직 발표하지 않은 지난 1년간 진행한 미디어 퍼포먼스, 드로잉 그리고 글 작업의 과정을 공개합니다. 참여를 원하시는 분은 info@mediabus.org로 신청하시면 됩니다.

최태윤은 시카고 예술 대학과 카이스트 문화기술 대학원을 졸업하고 현재 아이빔 아트 앤 테크놀러지 센터에서 팰로우이다.
모두에게 개방된 무료 학교인 ‘더 퍼블릭스쿨 뉴욕’의 운영진이며 문화 생산자들을 위한 ‘안국동 가옥 레지던시’의 예술감독이다.

In 2010, January 21st 7PM at Book Society, New York based artist Taeyoon Choi will present artist book ‘Urban Programming 101: Stage Directions’ (Published by Mediabus, Design by Choi Bittna, 2010) and new topic ‘Specters of riots’. The talk will be about his practice of research and site-specific intervention, and unpublished work in progress of media performance, drawing and text from past year.

Taeyoon graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and KAIST Culture Technology Graduate School, and currently a fellow at EYEBEAM Art and Technology Center. He is the committee member of ‘The Public School New York’ an open and free school and artistic director of ‘Anguk Temporary Space Residency’ for cultural producers


December 3, 2010

I’m curating an event “Performing participation”  next Saturday with some wonderful artists. See here