Basilica Hudson

  Photos by Juan Madrid. Basilica Hudson Soundscape, September 17 Protest Sign making Workshop    

The Right to the City

  With the situation between State and Citizens in Istanbul and Turkish cities escalating far beyond what can be considered to be a common sense crowd control and protection of property, my Turkish friends in New York asked to come out to the Zuccotti Park to show solidarity with protesters. I was inspired by Turkish… Continue reading The Right to the City

I will protest for $99

It’s the time to celebrate! I made about 100 dollars through my Insta-drawing campaign (I sold my drawings on Instagram for $10 each to anyone who asks for it). Final push was made possible with generous support of $30 from Article Magazine (monthly art publication from Seoul) who asked if I can make a piece for their… Continue reading I will protest for $99

Postman Conference

Today I join Neil Postman Graduate Conference at NYU via a show curated by Brian. Occu-bot enjoys carpeted floor.  some drawings from a show at 319 Scholes last year and work in progress OCCUPY LED sign. this is what it looked like in action. Occu-bot (2011) can protest in places that human civil disobedience is not… Continue reading Postman Conference

Unfair love

“Capital doesn’t love me back” Foley Square, Fall 2011. Photo by David Horvitz

I am your friend

I was going to write ‘I can be your friend’ and then when I got there ‘i am your friend’ made more sense. I did indeed make few new friends.  From Occupy Wall st 11/6/2011 You can use this image to print and make a sign and make new friends!

QR code picket

Picketing  with friends from “Red Channels”in Wall street, Staten Island. I am holding a QR code picket which links to the communique blog This was made in the cold spring of 2011. It seems very relevant in light of recent events at Occupy Wall st     From Wall Street to Wall Street to Wall Street… Continue reading QR code picket