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July 08, 2012

This email was written for Urban Research Group and Eyebeam Alumni list, but it can be directed for anyone visiting this page.

Invisible Cities is a new collaborative project- series of drawings and new media works inspired by the theme and structure of Italo Calvino’s novel.

More on the project website. HERE

Moleskine Notebooks created custom edition notebook specifically for the project and Eyebeam. The notebook looks like this -> Read an article on their website.

We had a soft launch party last month and so far about 100 notebooks have been given away to friends of Eyebeam.

By the nature of the custom edition (being a friendly gift from Moleskine), we can’t sell them or list as reward for the Kickstarter campaign.

I’d like to give some notebooks to artists and friends who want to participate in the project by sending me their version of invisible cities: via drawing, story and other formats. It is open ended and fun project. Mary Mattingly, current fellow, has connected some wonderful artists staying in her Flock House project to be part of the project. Street artist LNY and I have been painting mural on Eyebeam’s facade as one of the chapter.

If you like to doodle, write stories about imagined and real cities, let me know!  If you know an aspiring illustrator or cartoon artists, feel free to forward this email!

I don’t have a budget to send the notebook long distance, so it must be arranged through pickup from Eyebeam or hand delivery in NYC. (this is part of the experience~)

More details can be found in another posting on Moleskine site Here.

If you’d like to participate, please let me know asap!



Curating + Publication 


1. Use the notebook to draw/write anything you want.  

2. Draw something about cities, memories and urbanism. 

3. Post scan or photographs with Hashtag #drawyourcity on Flickr. Like this

5. Moleskine will re-post (some of) them to their facebook and other SNS. 

6. I might use some of them in my narrative drawing site 

* It is not a marketing or commercial collaboration, Moleskine is supporting the project by making custom edition notebooks and promoting it. Eyebeam is technically owner of the notebooks, but myself and collaborators have complete creative control and ownership of the project at large.  

*Amanda McDonald Crowley, who was instrumental in planning the project a year ago, has offered to be a curatorial advisor for a public event in the Fall of 2012, location tbd. 

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Job Search

July 05, 2012

This is what happened while I was Job Searching…

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Disappearing City -2

Previous Episode is here. 

More coming soon, follow my twitter account to get latest updates.

If you want to make your own drawings of cities, hashtag it with #drawyourcity and post on flickr. I will find it and use them for next story!


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City of desire 1

June 25, 2012

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Disappearing City- 1

June 21, 2012

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Mural video

June 18, 2012

Update from 6/16/2012

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Pigeon Tacos

New summer menu!

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Fun-not fun

Some people have a very special talent in making something fun into something not fun.

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City and Memory 3

A sketch for the Protest city

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Launch Party June 20th!

from Eyebeam page

Eyebeam alumnus Taeyoon Choi, has created a digital space for drawings and videos inspired by the structure and themes of Italo Calvino’s novel, Invisible Cities. Taeyoon will publish total of 55 episodes on the project website over three months. We are kicking off the project with a public event and Taeyoon’s collaboration with LNY on a mural for the exterior wall of Eyebeam.

To create an analog-digital bridge into the project, Moleskine collaborated with Taeyoon to create a limited edition notebook that features a series of whimsical drawings by the artist, and a custom QR code that links the notebook to a parallel digital storytelling space. To participate, you can post a drawing of your city with #drawyourcity hashtag on flickr.

Join us for a public reception with a chance to get the notebook.

RSVP at Facebook Event

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