Concepts and Theory

Class at SFPC, School for poetic computation, Fall 2015

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This class based on Artist Tool Kit workshop I did in the SFPC summer session and also Allison Burtch’s Critical Theory of Technology class from Fall 2014. This class is focusing on the Theory, complementing other classes on Code and Hardware. The class will meet for 5 weeks in the School in Friday morning 10 am and will have multiple field trips.

Concept & Theory Studio

This class focus on building conceptual tools for artists. Through writing, discussion, documentation, presentation and site visits, students will learn about the practical skills for developing concepts.


  • Why do we make art?
  • Why do we use technology to make art?
  • What is poetic about computation?
  • What is the art history that’s relevant to my art?
  • What is critical theory and why is it important?
  • Where is my audience and my community?
  • How can my art make impact in the larger world?
  • How can I continue to do what I love to do?


  • How to write artist statement
  • Writing your bio
  • Applying to residencies and grants
  • Participating in crit
  • Curating yourself into an exhibition
  • Basic finance for art project


Special guests


Student projects

What is Art? What is a “New Weapon”? by Becca Moore

Deleuzian Warfare by Michael Simpson

The Physical Possibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living by Chris Anderson

The Museum of Modern Artists by Andy Dayton


Self-Doubting Bot by Brian Solon


Crowdsourced Turing Machine by Robby Kraft


Physical Possibility by Chris Anderson


Plottr.js by Michael Simpson

Randomly Generated Social Interactions by Anastasis Germanidis