Poetic Science Fair



Poetic Science Fair was organized by Taeyoon Choi, Tega Brain, Ida Benedetto from SFPC and Alexandra Bynoe-Kasden and Kunal Gupta from Silent Barn.

Poetic Science Fair was a one day event by School for poetic computation to share learning about technology, art and poetry with middle and high school students. Hosted by Silent Barn, Bushwick, Brooklyn, participants were invited to design drawing robots, record sound maps of the neighborhood, make light up jewelry, play card games and teach computers to read poetry.

Workshops were:

Title” “Code Poetry Jam”
Artist: Todd Anderson

Title: “Listen Up, It’s Bushwick!”
Artist: Zachary DunhamIda Benedetto 

Title: “Simple Machines”
Artist: Andrew KleindolphTega BrainTaeyoon Choi and Guglielmo Torelli

Title: “Light Jewelry”
Artist: Lauren GardnerYuki YoshidaRachel Rose UlgadoPaige DeRaedt 

Title: “Binary Card Game”
Artist: Toru Urakawa


Special thanks for Nick Barr, Luke Demarest and many volunteers and friends who made this event possible.