Speakers corners

Protest Sign Making Workshops

Sign making is an artistic form of social engagement. I host Sign Making Workshops as a chance for participants’ to think about their message, time to bring voice to their thoughts and give body to their message. It is also a chance to learn from people with different views and priorities.

My Friends, There Is No Friend

My friends, there is no friend is a exhibition consisting of performance, sculptures, prints and audio visual materials that are loosely based on questions about fraternity and alliance, community and democracy in relation to the Capitalism.

Life Drawing

Life Drawing is a performance and drawing exercise initiated by David Horvitz of paying attention to and documenting cops around New York City.

Automatic Protesters

Automatic Protesters is a performance responding to protesting in the age of ‘non-human’ public space. For the performance, which took place in Wall Street, I built a series of physical, electronic tools, designed to support activists and eventually replace the human from the protest scene.


Anti-Manifesto is a book of my projects and collaborations between 2010~2012, including the works in Speakers corner. The book was designed by Hyo Kwon and published by New Normal Business for Shanghai Biennale in 2012.

8mm to nation wide

8mm to nation wide explores the 1992 Los Angeles riots and the relationship between personal media – here an 8mm video, and racial conflicts. It was presented as a lecture performance and handmade zine.