Protest Sign Making Workshops

There’s something profoundly fulfilling about making your own signs and protesting in the streets. Handwritten signs are personal and compelling. Signs can become an interface between crowd and city, a device to intervene in the public space and a tool for counter-narrative to the mainstream media. Sign making is an artistic form of social engagement. Sign Making Workshop is a chance to think about your message, time to bring voice to your thoughts and give body to your message. It is also a chance to learn from people with different views and priorities.

In the workshops we reflect on protest signage we’ve seen recently and talk about different ways to create a simple and compelling message by asking the following:

  • How do we make signs that start a dialogue instead of shouting messages in one direction?
  • What are effec­tive strate­gies for commu­ni­cating complex messages and emotions concisely?
  • Where does public demon­stra­tion have value as a polit­ical and perfor­ma­tive act?
  • How can we bring artistic practice closer to activist praxis?

Together we will go, step-by-step, through concep­tu­al­iza­tion, sketching, layout, and execu­tion, following the design process with a group discus­sion. Hands-on activ­i­ties will help you create personal protest signs that give voice to your thoughts and body to your message.

Past workshops have taken place at Basilica Hudson, Los Angeles and New York.