Speakers corners

Speakers Corners, 2012
Installation, video, performance and public events
Wood, paper, motors, sensors, micro-controllers
Exhibited at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, NYC




“Speakers’ Corners” presents a body of work made during Taeyoon Choi’s year-long fellowship at Eyebeam in 2011~2012. .Most of the projects are made spontaneously by hacking found electronics and furniture from the street, and they are activated using micro-controllers and participatory instructions to intervene in urban public spaces. The objects and video documentation will be displayed together for interaction alongside drawings on paper, pickets, and digital prints. Both the installation of “Speakers’ Corners” and ongoing performance and workshops question the conditions of different democracies. The project attempts to open up a space for conversation and making friends — friendship as a metaphor for citizens in a democratic society. The title Speakers’ Corner is inspired by the recent shift toward fearless speech, after ten years of fearful speech post 9/11 and the culture of War on Terror.

The exhibition is open between March 1st~ April 7th, 2012. Every Saturday from 1 to 6pm, the exhibition space will be open to the public as a Speakers’ Corner and will host reading groups and free classes.


OWS Archives Share Day
3.31. 2016
How can a social movement be preserved and represented through archives? What are creative ways archives can be utilized now and in the future through digital technologies? Since September 17th 2011, protesters with Occupy Wall Street have raised their voices in public spaces across the country and taken it to the streets as well as online spaces. Anyone who wishes to present their work in art, activism and archive can sign up for a short presentation. Video projection and audio amplification will be available. Attendees are welcome to submit a copy of their digital files for preservation in the OWS digital archive and share their content with like minded others. This event aims to present and archive many views of democracy. This event is presented in collaboration with memebers of the OWS Archives Anna Perricci and Christine O’Heron, and ‘Speakers’ Corners‘ an exhibition by Taeyoon Choi at Eyebeam.


On the May Day General Strike
3.30.2012. 6~8pm
Presented by: “Death to Capitalism Cinema“, “Speakers’ Corners“, “The Public School New York”, “Strike Everywhere
Discussion moderated by Matt Paterson and Taeyoon Choi.

An evening of screening and open discussion about General Strike. We invite artists, activists, filmmakers and anyone to share thoughts about recent events related to the Occupy movement and spatial tactics of civil disobedience. The event aims to further understand potential and consequences of General Strike planned for May 1st in New York City.



A wooden stage in a dodecagon shape symbolizes twelve persons necessary to be recognized for a crowd to be a riot, according to the Riot Act from 1715, United Kingdom.


A video documentation from a public workshop with Red Channels in July 28th, 2011.
The workshop aims to challenge the common understanding of ‘crowd’ in moving image. Invisible Crowd will present a selection of video essays and a performative presentation “[..] constructed through an autonomous collective approach to research. It is one potential manifestation of a co-studied genealogy of crowds, affect, and cinema; historical and represented. Of interest are the ways artists and social theorists, as well as evolving media and technology, have attempted to understand, represent, and control the potential of crowds.”