Processing Community Day, MIT Media Lab, 2017

I’m an artist, teacher and organizer. I enjoy speaking about my work, research interests and the communities I’m involved with. I’m a co-founder of School for Poetic Computation and an affiliate of the Data and Society. In the past few years, I gave talks in a variety of academic seminars, cultural policy summits, technology conferences and art festivals. I feel excited to research on a new topic for each audience. I’m experienced in giving keynote presentation to a large audience, moderating a panel as well as intimate conversations. I’m based in NYC and often travel for work. I hope to give more talks remotely to reduce carbon footprint. I’m also experienced in consulting organizations about art, technology and education. Please contact me at studio@taeyoonchoi.com


  • Poetic computation: aesthetics and politics of code
  • Disability: accessibility and inclusion
  • Pedagogy: curriculum and syllabus for participatory learning
  • Internet: decentralization and distribution for equitable future
  • Collaboration: multicultural and intersectional approaches
  • Community: building a creative and caring culture

Experiences 2018~2019

Upcoming travels in 2019

  • Bay Area, mid-July
  • Detroit, mid-August
  • Japan and South Korea, early September
  • Hong Kong and S.E. Asia, late October

Distributed Web of Care, The Whitney Museum of American Art, 2019
Eyeo Festival, 2017. 45 minutes. This talk is an overview of my work as an artist, educator and activist. I focused on the differences and overlaps of various projects I work on. I suggest you watch this if you are interested in my work from 2013-2017, especially regarding the School for Poetic Computation, Handmade Computers and In Search of Personalized Time. I intended this talk for the Eyeo festival audience, a mix of engineers, designers and artists.
Data and Society, 2018. 15 minutes. This talk is an introduction to the Distributed Web of Care, an initiative to think about the web in a caring way. This talk was a culmination of a yearlong research fellowship at the Data and Society. I asked for ASL interpretation and was happy with the result. I intended this talk for academics, activists and policy makers.
p5.js contributors conference at the Carnegie Mellon University, 2015. 10 minutes. This talk was about diversity and inclusion in creative technology community. I prepared the talk for an audience of professors and students, hoping to create a dialogue about better practice of building a community. I wrote an accompanying essay about my approach towards more equitable admissions and hiring practices at the School for Poetic Computation.
Moderating Processing Community Day, MIT Media Lab, 2017. 10 minutes. I was the director of first Processing Community Day. I curated the speakers and moderated introduction talk with the Processing founders and directors. I also designed the branding and stage props for the event. This event was attended by 250 people, wide range of age groups from teenagers and adults. I tried to create an environment that feels welcoming and playful.
Moderating Databite, Data and Society, 2019. I moderated a talk by two Data and Society fellows. I researched about their work and prepared questions and answers in advance. The event was attended by academics and policy makers. I tried to connect two presenter’s practices and common themes. I enjoyed speaking with Jessie and Stephanie about racial literacy, artificial intelligence, community and power structures that continue to shape our relationships.

Please contact me at studio@taeyoonchoi.com