Uncertainty School, Mediacity Seoul, 2016

Poetics and Politics of Computation, School for Poetic Computation, 2016

Concepts and Theory, School for Poetic Computation, 2015

Unlearning Disability, Pioneer Works, 2015

Unlearning all the walls we’ve built, University of Seoul, 2015

Performing Participation, NYU ITP, 2015

Code Poetry, School for Poetic Computation, 2015

Making Handmade Computer, School for Poetic Computation, 2015

To Remember and Forget, NYU ITP, 2014

Poetic Science Fair, Silent Barn, 2014

Circuits and Drawings, School for Poetic Computation, 2014

Poetics of Circuitry, School for Poetic Computation, 2013

Art of Walking, 2013

School for Poetic Computation, 2013

Making Lab, The 4th APAP, 2013

Open Hardware for Artists, Unmake Lab (Fab Coop), 2012

Digital Day Camp, EYEBEAM Art and Technology Center, 2011

The Public School New York, 2010

Drawing +-, The New School, Parsons School of Design, 2009

Interactivos?, EYEBEAM Art and Technology Center, 2008

Urban Programming, Skopje, Macedoniam 2008

Ga-Ok, 2008