Performing Participation


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Class by Taeyoon Choi at NYU ITP, Fall 2015

Is there a script behind our participation in everyday events? What are the factors that are engineered into human experience? This class will explore the codes of participation embedded in technological spectacle of daily life by staging experimental happenings. Happening, a term coined by a performance artist Allan Kaprow in the 50s, transforms space as an interface for unconventional situations to occur and a site of confrontation and stimulation. Contemporary performance artists create work outside the division of staged and timed events, toward art work that seeks to establish sense of affect and presence. This class will explore participation as an artistic medium to create an unconventional performance art piece. The classes will be split between 40% lecture and 60% student participation through physical activities.

Learning outcome:

Become confident improvising in unexpected situation. Create series of happenings with instruction and documentation.


Interpret the meaning of participation we perform in daily life, consumption and communication.

Perform participation in the public sphere, using technology as a medium to build commons between individuals.