In Search of Personalized Time


Project website: In Search of Personalized Time
A collaboration by Taeyoon Choi and E Roon Kang
Commission: Art + Technology Lab, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Original proposal


With In Search of Personalized Time, we endeavor to shift the tides of global synchronization. We are setting out to leverage subjective temporal perception against master time, facilitating a multitude of flows of time rather than bolstering the universal standard. Through research and collaboration with scientists and technologists, we will propose an alternative standard of measurement that will give form to personal, intuitive, asynchronous time. Characterized by its flexibility and functional basis in shared sentience, our framework will facilitate desynchronization from prescribed chronological standards, such as Greenwich Mean Time, as well as geopolitical standards.

However, desynchronization does not necessarily mean isolation. Rather, we are also interested in investigating how time is communally negotiated, and how to give this communion form. By intervening in the dynamics between universal, personal, and collective temporalities, we are reconsidering what constitutes “the present.” In changing how we formalize time, one could stretch the present or – perhaps unfathomably – compress it. “Now,” then, becomes a malleable space in which one can reorient the relationship between memory, action, and possible futures. By reconfiguring the relation between time and space, your presence can take form elsewhere, or elsewhen, through another sense of time.

Real-time film club

Timekeepers Invention Club 8.2013

Timekeeper Invention Kit at Art Technology Lab, LACMA

Personal Timekeeper V.1 

Engineering in collaboration with Jon Moeller, Wonyoung So, Char Stiles

Circle of Moment Measurement

Artists Choi and Kang Bend Time at LACMA