Circle of Moment Measurement

Circle of Moment Measurement

7/18-19, 2015, 1–5pm
LACMA, Art + Technology Lab
Art of the Americas Building
5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036

What is time really? As humanity, we collectively agree on using Universal Time as a standard to keep things in order in an increasingly synchronized and complex society. However, is it the only way to measure your time on this earth? What if we re-design time based off of your perception of moments?

By being part of the Circle of Moment Measurement, you will collectively agree to all live by different times. Everyone in this participatory performance will discover their own personalized speed of time that is kept in portable and networked timekeeping devices, designed by the artists with support of LACMA Art + Technology Lab.

In this participatory performance, there will be a chance to experience the public spaces in LACMA in your own time. After that a conversation about how the new forms of time measurement would affect life would follow, as well as a opportunity to share the experience with the world.

This is a half-day event, led by the artists, requires about a four-hour time commitment. The afternoon concludes with video interviews documenting the experience and a group discussion about how alternative time measurement might affect daily life.

A collaboration by Taeyoon Choi and E  Roon Kang
Photo: Duncan Cheng