Your Friend

Collaboration is an exercise in coexistence, it is a chance to learn about different ways of perceiving the world. Your friend is a series of ongoing collaboration with my friends.

Happening for SET

Happening for SET is a collaboration with Na Kim.

Fair Exchange

Fair Exchange an exhibition at Eyebeam Bookstore featuring David Horvitz and Kyle McDonald, curated by Taeyoon Choi. How much can we share? and how much can we ask from audience? David Horvitz and Kyle McDonald are contemporary artists who progressively push the boundary between participation and surveillance. The exhibition questions the systems of knowledge production and human interaction with machines in the public space.


Your Friend

Your Friend: Collaboration and correspondence by Taeyoon Choi and friends, featuring Christine Sun KimLauren McCarthyDavid Horvitz,

Kyle McDonaldE Roon KangfabcoopGaOk Feb.12 ~ March, 2015 at Gallery Factory in Seoul, South Korea