An Attempt to Make the Oceans Meet

I walked out of the apartment with flowers I bought the other day.



Went to AOL office for Arts Tech Unconference.


Hung out with Shayna and Dylan. After lunch and a few sessions, I walked out to the park.


I was holding these sun flowers. Later I tweeted the instruction for others.




I was thinking about what to do with Ocean water Kyle brought me last winter.



At first I was hoping to make electricity from Salt water. And I wrote following letters. IMG_5296-18

And dropped the Pacific ocean water onto the paper. The letter asked if the receiver can drop water from Atlantic, South, Indian, Arctic and Black and Caspian Sea on to its pages, so all the great oceans meet.

IMG_5306-17  IMG_5316-15 IMG_5332-14

I made a few more. I thought it’s kind of funny that I ask others to make the oceans meet, while the great ocean is actually one ocean. It’s the idea of continents and territory that divides them.



And I sent it to some friends and strangers, with photos that David gave me.

IMG_5363-9 IMG_5367-8 IMG_5384-6 IMG_5392-5 IMG_5403-4 IMG_5407-3

A shopping bag that explains Decision and Relation via Badiou, Deleuze, Laruelle. Note from Alex Galloway class. IMG_5414-2 IMG_5420-1

And off the go!

Again, this idea is inspired by my friend David Horvitz and Kyle McDonald.